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Players and Coach of the Year

2017 CVSC Players and Coach of the Year

CVSC Female Player of the Year

2017 - Zariah Simmons, CVSC Outkast G00 &
           Annette Vargas, CVSC Sparks G04

2016 - Adria Jamieson, CVSC Riptide G00
2015 - Ayziah Simmons, CVSC Outkast G00
2014 - Kira Hopkins, CVSC Rebels G01

2013 - Leann Wolf, CVSC Chaos G95
2012 – MJ Pierce, CVSC Blaze G97
2011 – Karla Ramirez, CVSC Blaze G97

CVSC Male Player of the Year

2017 - Ace Espinoza, CVSC Revolution B05
2016 - Miguel Salgado, CVSC MB Pirates B03
2015 - Aaron Lee, CVSC Katana B00
2014 - Javier Real, CVSC Chelsea B03
2013 - Jon Sigurdson, CVSC Renegades B96

2012 – Rigoberto Zepeda, CVSC Katana B00
2011 – Josue Chavez, CVSC Katana B00

CVSC Coach of the Year

2017 - Ondray Simmons, CVSC Outkast G00
2016 - Djibril Coulibaly, CVSC Sparks G04

2015 - Eddie Silva, CVSC Ultimate G98
2014 - Hugh Holis, CVSC Renegades B96
2013 - Paul Rodriguez, CVSC Rebels G01

2012 – Joe Fernandez, CVSC Ultimate G98
2011 – Gonzo Garcia, CVSC Katana B00

CVSC Volunteer/Board Member of the Year

2016 - Michael Lopez
2015 - Budd Jamieson & Jamie Sonsini
2014 - Paula Lopez
2013 - Sydney Vincent

2012 – Becky Crowe


CVSC Player of the Year

The CVSC Player of the year should be an outstanding athlete and person that represent the highest standards of which we stride for in our club soccer athlete. The Player must represent themselves, their Team, Club and Sport in a positive light at all times. The CVSC Player of the year must display leadership attributes on and off the field. The CVSC Player of the year should not only be an outstanding performer on the pitch, but also in the classroom. The CVSC Player of the year must have a 3.0 GPA or higher. Grades should be verified by the individual making the nomination or the CVSC BOD. Nomination emails should include a description of athletic accomplishments, and describe how this Player has contributed to their Teams success. The nomination email should also list individual athletic accomplishments, leadership and scholastic performance that has made this individual stand out among their peers. 
CVSC Coach of the Year
The CVSC Coach of the year should be the example in which all other Coaches stride to emulate. The CVSC Coach of the year should be a well respected individual that represents the highest standards of ethical behavior, coaching, training and love of the game. The Coach of the year should display attributes of good leadership and ability to develop Players. The Coach of the year can be a Head Coach or an Assistant Coach. Nomination emails should include a description of how the Coach has trained and developed or improved the performance of their Team. The nomination email should also describe how the Coach interacts with the Team and how the Coach develops Players and the Team. Above all else this individual should set a good example for our youth and should not only focus on building great soccer Players, but also focus on developing our youth into great people.

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